not ready for school no no no no no no no no no no

So sore. My body feels so weak. My back, legs, neck, and the pounding in my head. I still can’t believe that it’s not worse than this. Everything happened so fast.

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finally got a haircut but it’s so short i want to cry

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I saw Magic Mike today.

Oh hot damn. It was so sexy. Ugh Channing Tatum can so dance, it was great

The way they all moved and their bodies and butts and everything

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Chipped nails and macarons  (Taken with Instagram)
Yum yum yum  (Taken with Instagram)
Was at Makino for dinner! (Taken with Instagram)
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Taken with Instagram
Condoms anyone? (Taken with Instagram)
I’m so sad we were too full to eat the desserts! (Taken with Instagram)
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Cilantro lime shrimp wrap. Yum (Taken with instagram)
Missing Seattle…or just hating Vegas right now (Taken with instagram)